Wisdom For Social Care

Many initiatives in the public sector have been designed to transform public services. However, managing the mountain of unstructured information that drives these business processes can be a challenge.
Daisy has developed CareStore powered by Wisdom, our own Electronic Document and Records Management (eDRM) solution, incorporating workflow and enterprise scanning capabilities.

CareStore provides today’s information-intensive organisations with an integrated platform for the management of electronic and paper information.

With growth in structured and unstructured data continuing to accelerate, the trend towards mobile and remote working increasing and the need for secure access to information, never before has it been so important for councils with social care responsibilities to have a complete document management solution.

Challenge One: Legal compliance

Regulations that require councils to retain unstructured information are on the increase and this information takes many forms, including electronic documents, scanned forms, faxes, video, audio, graphics and e-mail. Consequently, councils need to understand the difference between documents and records and ensure they are managed accordingly.

Challenge Two: Security and lifecycle management of documents

Data security is of paramount importance to any social care department and processes must be put in place to manage the lifecycle of documents to ensure adherence to legislation and alignment with best practice.

Challenge Three: Staff productivity

Because a physical document can only be in one place at one time, social work practitioners are often left unable to complete a task or access or consolidate all relevant documentation relating to a case as they lack the information required. This often results in costly time delays while they search for the missing information. Lack of access to documents whilst in different locations for remote or mobile workers can add further delays.

The Solution

Daisy’s eDRM solution, CareStore powered by Wisdom, has been specifically written to integrate seamlessly with CareFirst, allowing users to access documents without leaving CareFirst. CareStore will give users and management peace of mind that social care records are stored in a consistent and compliant manner, managed by strict and pre-defined, retention, security and audit policies. A further advantage is that it allows secure remote access to electronic case files from any council location, as well as enabling mobile offline working using tablet PCs.

The Benefits of CareStore

Powered by Wisdom

  • The National Archives approved system
  • Proven track record of working with councils and a comprehensive knowledge of social care implementations
  • Standard and custom templates deployed at multiple sites providing speed of implementation and access to tried and tested file structures
  • Increased document security – minimising the risk of sensitive information being accessed by unauthorised users
  • Efficient management of documents, records, invoices, reports, letters and any other physical or electronic documents supporting the social care practitioners to meet the challenges they face
  • Enables remote and mobile working
  • Optional scanning and mailroom solution
  • Seamless integration with CareFirst, CareSecure, CareDoc and CareMessage. For example:
    1. Documents created within CareDoc can be stored directly into CareStore powered by Wisdom
    2. Using OLM’s messaging system CareMessage, key workers are informed when a document has arrived relating to one of their clients. This message can also be delivered through Microsot Outlook
    3. Any user wanting to access a document will be subject to rigorous checking by both CareStore and CareSecure. Security in CareStore will first check whether the user has rights to access the CareStore system. Then if the user passes this screening and CareSecure is activated, a further check will be made in CareFirst before access is granted