Wisdom For Local Government

Many Local Authorities are under increased pressure to deliver increased services with fewer resources. In order to achieve these goals, information management becomes a key enabler in driving self service, increased productivity and compliance.

A key enabler in achieving these objectives is the implementations electronic Document and Records Management (eDRM) solutions. These solutions allows documents to be easily routed around an organisation while keeping a record of all transactions for legal compliance

When implemented in line with these guidelines, Wisdom (Daisy’s eDRM system) will help to give you peace of mind that all records are kept in a way that is compliant. We have implementations covering Adult & children's social care, human resources, finance, housing administration, planning, tourism, environmental services & estates management.

Wisdom will allow full life cycle management of information and is fully integrated with many commonly used line of business systems. This means that the end user is unaware that their documents are being stored in Wisdom but that they are subject to its compliance, retention, security and audit rules.

Why Wisdom?

  • Used by over 20 councils in the UK
  • Efficient management of documents, records, invoices, reports and letters along with any other physical or electronic documents
  • Increased document security, minimising the risk of sensitive information being accessed by unauthorised users
  • Enables remote working by providing a central repository for documents, easily accessible to authorised personnel

Installation & Support

Working with your team, Daisy will provide you with highly specialised installation, training and support during the installation and on-going management of Wisdom.

  • You are able to benefit from Daisy’s extensive knowledge of integrations within the housing market, implementing a standard filing structure proven over many years
  • If required our team will carry out a business requirements analysis in order to gain a full understanding of your existing landscape
  • Using the information gained by the analysis, we will develop a detailed plan including delivery timescales, milestones and resource requirements
    Once the system is installed and integrated, Daisy will support you in line with your business needs
  • Minimal training is required

Wisdom’s out of the box integration tools allow us to seamlessly and flexibly integrate our line of business applications, providing records management governance without impacting users productivity.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

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