About Wisdom

Daisy’s Electronic Document & Record Management system (eDRMS) is unique in the eDRM space in the UK public sector. We have been implementing eDRM solutions using our own and third party products for over 25 years and have unparalleled understanding of what eDRMS do, the business outcomes they need to achieve and the implementation process required to succeed.
We have been accredited by the UK National Archives since 1999 and hold an immense amount of knowledge within our Wisdom team.

Why Use Wisdom eDRM?

  • Documents and records are stored to conform with the standards set by the National Archives
  • Information is stored in compliance with UK regulations including Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Environmental Information
  • Multi-tier security including access control, protective markings and keywords ensures that data is secure
  • There is no need to change business systems in order to accommodate Wisdom eDRM

Wisdom Features:

  • SharePoint Integration
  • Full Search Capability
  • Extensive Reporting and Audit Trail
  • PDF Rendition and Viewing
  • Digital Mailroom
  • Office365 Integration
  • Fully Mobile Enabled
  • Cloud or On Premise Delivery models

Wisdom Benefits:

  • Improve Business Processes
  • Minimal end user intervention and training required
  • Improved service delivery
  • Remote and mobile access
  • Cashable savings
  • Reduction of physical storage requirements
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Improved service for your Staff and Customers
  • More efficient business process