Why Wisdom


Wisdom provides a single platform for detection, mitigation and ongoing compliance with the GDPR as well as providing ongoing secure and fully audited management of both electronic and paper documents and records.

Developed in house by our UK technical team, Daisy continues to develop Wisdom driven by user groups, client's needs and legislation.

There are many initiatives across the private and public sectors. In local government for example there are huge drives to transform public services and place the citizen at the centre of the transformation agenda. While this transformation is facilitated by a large number of line of business systems, what is lacking is the ability to manage the mountain of unstructured information that drives these business processes. Wisdom eDRM provides that ability.

Why Use Wisdom eDRM?

  • Documents and records are stored to conform with the standards set by the National Archives
  • Information is stored in compliance with UK regulations including Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Environmental Information
  • Multi-tier security including access control,protective markings and keywords ensures that data is secure
  • No need to change business systems in order to accommodate Wisdom eDRM

Wisdom Office Integration

Integration to Wisdom through Microsoft (TM) Office applications gives users the benefit of familiar applications whilst taking advantage of Wisdom eDRM’s governance. The Outlook ‘Drag and Drop’ feature allows emails to be stored within Wisdom without having to leave the native application. By utilising the ‘Favourites’ feature, users can also choose which document locations are shown, allowing for simpler document filing.

  • Increased business efficiency
  • Use familiar applications whilst taking advantage of Wisdom’s features
  • Simplified filing through the use of ‘Drag and Drop’ and ‘Favourites’ features

Wisdom Document Capture

Wisdom Document Capture accelerates business processes by collecting documents and forms and transforming them into accurate, easily retrievable information. This information is classified and secured based on your business’ requirements. Irrelevant of whether your information is spread remotely or stored within a central office, or whether it is paper-based or electronic, this tool enables you to capture it all quickly and precisely.

  • Standardisation of documents ensures that all members of staff use the correct version at all times
  • Storing and retrieving documents from one central location reduces time spent searching for them
  • Critical information is stored securely, based on your business’ rules and government regulations