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Wisdom is designed with you in mind.  It's simple onboarding and end user experience makes it easy for you to manage the lifecycle of your data in one secure, compliant place.

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Check & Protect

The first step to GDPR compliance is understanding your data.  What Personal Data do you hold? How much personal data does your business access?  How do they access it?

Our Check & Protect service analyses your unstructured data and delivers a report with immediate recommendations for your journey to compliance.

If the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) comes knocking on your door, this report acts as evidence that you have started upon your journey to GDPR compliance.


Wisdom Cloud

Wisdom Cloud is a license free, subscription based solution which puts you in control of your data. 

Our easy upload and nifty features ensure you're always working from the correct document, data is easy to locate, edit, save and destroy. Better yet- it's secure! 

Free yourself of software updates and enjoy the flexibility that Cloud can offer you. 


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Wisdom On Premise

Wisdom on premise can seamlessly integrate into your current line of business applications,  Office 365 and Outlook meaning minimal disruption to your end users normal routine.

Our in house EDRM consultants have more than 25 years experience and can provide you with highly specialised installation, training and support.

Secure, audit and manage both your business's electronic and paper records from our one simple system.



Ask About Our All-in-one Solutions

You don't need to purchase Check & Protect and Wisdom Cloud seperately.  Our simple, automated solution allows you to download and run your Check, recieve your report and upload your documents into Wisdom Cloud in a few simple clicks!


'Our on premise Wisdom implementation is straight out of the box with virtually no customisation, yet it continues to deliver an increasing range of solutions across the business.'

Martin Brazier

Knowledge Manager, The Crown Estate