Wisdom for Housing

Housing associations and trusts face a constant battle to make sure they remain compliant with guidelines on how housing records are kept. As a result, organisations have been advised to implement electronic Document and Records Management (eDRM) solutions.

Introducing Wisdom

When implemented in line with these guidelines, Wisdom can provide peace of mind that housing and financial records are kept in a way that is compliant – allowing full lifecycle management of information that is fully-integrated with Orchard Housing and Orchard Financials. This means that the end-user is unaware that their documents are being stored in Wisdom but that they are subject to its compliance, retention, security and audit rules.

What our customers say

“We’ve been using Wisdom integration for our Gas Safety certificates. Accessibility to this documentation is now transparent throughout the organisation and this has helped us to cut down on paper records that have in the past been sorted in to mountains of boxes at external agencies. We now don’t have to worry about the whereabouts of the certificates; they’re available in a couple of clicks directly from the property screen within Orchard.”
John Paul Petryczuk
ICT Mobile Services Manager – Regenda Group

Safety Information

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