Check & Protect


Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing...

Search, discover and cleanse your data of potential GDPR risks with our Check & Protect solution…

Check & Protect your data with Wisdom

In just two simple steps, Check & Protect can take your customers from high risk, to the best possible shape for GDPR compliance:


Step One - Check

Full visibility of the information you store and who can access it

The Check & Protect service runs a full system analysis and reports on the findings. It searches, analyses and checks file servers, desktops, network drives and shared drives, reporting on personal data, access controls, security permissions and stagnant data. This comprehensive report is your first step to assessing risk.

Step Two - Protect

Now you understand your risk, how can you manage it?

Data can be imported into Wisdom Cloud for ongoing compliance. By importing the data, we can reduce storage costs, dispose of duplicates and add metadata/tags to documents to create automated processes such as retention and disposal.